Welcome to Other Fox. We are a web and app development company that has been working in the digital space for over ten years and have worked with major brands such as the CDC, Erwin Data, and Rooms2Go to name a few.

We cleanly execute your vision, construct the best system for your unique business needs, and accelerate your product's delivery to market. We are relationship and bottom-line focused and can seamlessly drop into, or even lead your development team to create anything from a small brochure site to an enterprise-level application.

We specialize in solving and implementing the solutions to your technical needs. Here is a link to our calendar, find a time that works for you and we look forward to speaking with you.

An established contractor in Atlanta needed a clean, sophisticated, and modern look to show off their beautiful properties.

An art management software company needed a custom site builder for their clients.

A comic book publisher wanted a unique way to premier their new series, exclusively sold at local comic book shops.

A marketing agency needed development and consultation for a child development app.

We provide free initial consultations, monthly hosting and maintenance retainers and simple project assessments. If you are thinking of building, or redesigning an existing site or application, or need some help with maintainence, book a time to speak with us.